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Organic waste


  • Entoprotech is a circular economy company engaged in organic/food waste treatment and processing. We are harnessing unique qualities of insects, particularly of BSF (Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens)) in order to convert food waste into variety of advanced products
  • We are making money while contributing to resolution of such pressing problems like greenhouse gas emissions, lack of land for landfilling, high environmental footprint of protein production, shortage in protein for animal farming and others
  • Entoprotech is a hands-on player, with the roots deep in food industry and large-scale farming and protein production. We are on a forefront of the technology in cleantech and agritech, using best of Israeli tech developed inhouse and by our strategic partners in genetics , biochemistry and animal feed fields
  • Two manufacturing facilities with capacities of 50 tons/day and 100 tons/day are in planning and construction phases
  • Among our products are defatted insect meal (high protein replacement of fishmeal), high quality insect fat that is currently used as feed and has many potential uses in cosmetics and pharma, frass (leftovers of larvae metabolic activity) which is high quality fertiliser
  • We are constantly looking for new partners and additional exciting usages for the products produced while treating food waste


  • Food loss and food waste is the decrease of food volume intended for human consumption in all stages of the food supply chain, from harvesting down to consumption, regardless of the reasons.
  • 1.6 billion tons of food losses and waste that are formed in the world annually
  • Most of the food waste finds its way into landfills and produces methane, which is 25 times more potent greenhouse gas than the CO2.


  • Protein consumption is on the rise globally due to the population growth and dramatic changes in consumption.
  • Insects protein consumption has two main applications: feed for domestic animals and human consumption.
It is estimated that the global population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050
The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that food production will need to increase by 70%

Global meat consumption

Meat consumption by country


Hermetia illucens

  • BSF larvae is a ferocious eater of everything organic
  • Daily converting organic waste double of its weight into high quality protein and fat
  • No water used in the process
  • No pest –adult fly does not feed
  • Harmless for humans
  • Great candidate for large scale cultivation
  • Highly resilient



Granot Bugs Out With Entoprotech

Israel’s biggest agricultural cooperative and feed producer, Granot, is investing $2 million into sustainable, circular waste processing through insects.

The Apple vs. Epic fight isn’t over


Israeli soldier fly startup accelerates growth plans with $2m raise

Entoprotech, which uses black soldier flies to process organic waste, announced that Granot is leading its latest funding round

Black soldier fly start-up Entoprotech starts first funding round

The Black Soldier Fly can eat several times its own body weight a day, processing waste that prevents it rotting and emitting methane, one of the most pernicious of the Green House Gases. Bugs are becoming big business.

Meet the fly that could help save the planet

Black soldier fly larvae are chock full of protein, and they can clear greenhouse gases. One Israeli company is harnessing the insect’s diverse capabilities.

Beyond Burgers: Eating Insects Is Just One Small Part of Their Potential

Asking Westerners “Would you eat bugs to save the planet?” makes for great headlines — but it only scratches the surface of how bugs can help solve global challenges. Essentially, insects such as black soldier flies are a quintessential addition to a circular economy.

Investors feel the buzz of the Black Soldier Fly

Creepy crawlies are set to invade investor portfolios as momentum continues behind sustainability and climate change action. ESG investing is already entrenched in the investment landscape, with both institutional funds and private retail investors opting to put their money into ethical products and projects that benefit society, rather than harm it. And while certain industries, such as electric cars and green hydrogen, are ascending as the ‘sexiest’ ESG investment, incredible insects are buzzing in the background, waiting for their time to shine.

Russia’s turkey tycoon catches insect bug

Financial Times

Insect fat supplements: Entoprotech investigates anti-inflammatory potential of Black Soldier flies

Fat from Black Soldier flies (BSF) may have anti-inflammatory properties, making it a promising ingredient for food supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

R&D centric Israel based insect producer reveals global ambitions

Israel headquartered insect producer, Entoprotech, is looking to scale up, with its CEO reporting that a capital raising exercise is getting underway.


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